Social Media Marketing Lesson 4 – It’s Gif Not Gif

Lesson 4 - Social Media Marketing for Businesses
Lesson 4 – Social Media Marketing for Businesses

Your site is streamlined, all the fluff removed, the wants and needs of your audience have been met and your being seen by more and more parts of the world everyday, now what? Is there room for fun? Yes, there is. “Google regularly posts pictures of dogs who “work” at Google on its Instagram account. Google calls these dogs “dooglers,” and adds the #Doogler hashtag to each post of this nature.”
“I used Simply Measured’s platform to isolate these posts, and found that #doogler posts have driven over 550K in engagement for Google from January 2017-April 2017.”

What does this mean for you? Just because you took all the unnecessary out of your mission/campaign, doesn’t mean you can’t use something adorable or attention grabbing to make somebody smile. Never underestimate what a smile can do for business. This also can get out of hand very quickly. Maintain your focus and drive during these “cute and cuddly” outings. Test the waters first and see what can be learned from this brief distraction. Track all the views and site traffic before, during, and after. There should be a significant difference in the amount of your audience’s attention that you can grab.

“This is an easy win, but there is a larger lesson here, as well. The easy win: incorporate office pups into your Instagram strategy. Consider incorporating these posts on your other active, social channels, and see if they perform as well there.

The larger lesson: examine what your followers are posting, linking, and commenting on regularly. Run a quick analysis around trending topics—not necessarily in your specific space— to build your next campaign.”

Is there something that you have seen on your social media outlets or on a site that you regularly visit that continually grabs your attention? Come on over to our social media pages and post some adorable pictures and ask questions on how to maintain the drive and motivation while keeping the smiles flowing.

If you missed Lesson 3 on how to Maintain Focus and Remove the Unnecessary you can check it out here.


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