Social Media Marketing Lesson 3 – Maintain Focus and Remove the Unnecessary

Lesson 3 - Social Media Marketing for Businesses
Lesson 3 – Social Media Marketing for Businesses

Now that you have a solid campaign and the mission is still functioning properly, its time to streamline and remove the unnecessary. Focus on the relevant wants of your customers. Business is growing, your campaign is bringing the attention you needed, and everything is going well. What may happen now is some ideas and plans from the past stick around and weigh down your progress. Don’t lose them all together but you need take away the “fluff” and anything that can distract from your forward progress. This is an easy process if you look at it like major companies or the people that run the top social media sites, they don’t horde their past and let it drag behind them like an anchor, they cut lose dead weight and rocket into success.

“There are two takeaways here. One is, don’t post for the sake of posting. The other is if you aren’t driving a business function, you’re wasting your time.”

This means that just because its fun to post cat videos and pictures of your baby, (everybody loves a good cat video) it doesn’t always help drive the mission in the direction that it should headed in. Of course the occasional adorable video is perfectly acceptable and sometimes can bring in the right message, just do it sparingly, as not to lose the motivation of your customers desire to purchase your product.

With the plan in motion and the fluff removed, you wont need to spend every waking moment begging your customers to spend time on your network, they will want to be there, reacting well to your site and the ads. With this success you wont need to waste your time.

Go through and look at the beginning of your mission and start thinking about what can be cut and what also you may have not needed at all in the first place, the knowledge you have gained, needs to be applied to your future goals and missions. Come over to the blog and tell us some of the early ideas that you had that are maybe not as relevant as they used to be, ask some questions about what may be the next step in your removal of the unnecessary. Lets discuss.


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