Social Media Marketing Lesson 2 – Be True to Your Mission

Lesson 2 - Social Media Marketing Lessons for Businesses
Lesson 2 – Social Media Marketing Lessons for Businesses

Be true to your mission, be open to the wants and needs of your customers but stand behind the idea you created. Prove to them that your are worth their money and support.

  You have taken the time to establish the mission and you have listened to your audience and you have begun the marketing train rolling forward with all the steam you can muster, now where are you going?  You need a campaign that aligns with your mission to focus on.  People are starting to notice you and the mission you have created, so now to extend that with a campaign that extends beyond the original mission plan.

      This may seem counterproductive at first to maintain the entire focus on one thing, especially after learning to be open to the entire worlds opinion in the first lesson.  But this isn’t for the big picture, this isn’t the main goal, this is a CAMPAIGN. Pour yourself into a campaign that really allows you to show the passion and motivation you have for one specific thing.  Massive companies often produce one product that has a temporary shelf life, and they over advertise or over compensate to create a buzz around this one limited time product.  The overwhelming curiosity about the product turns into a desire to have it.  That in turn creates profit and further networking opportunities for the future.

     “In February, this product was the new offering of the three Big Mac types: the Mac jr., the Big Mac, and the Grand Mac.  The campaign theme was “There’s a Big Mac for That”.”

  This has become exponentially easier since the internet entered our lives.  Social media has brought the ability to create and fund campaigns through multiple platforms and can be launched and seen by the entire world.  Again, not to be confused with the overall mission, this campaign is to be hyper focused on and centered around one product.  Dedicate an entire set time period to your campaign on Instagram/Facebook.

  What is a temporary campaign you have seen on television or advertised on the internet that caught your attention and made you desire a product?  Lets discuss, and as always, Thank You for reading.


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