Social Media Marketing Lesson 1 – Allow Variations to Your Course

PP - Lesson 1 - SM MarketingThe idea is agreed upon, plans are concrete, the mission is in motion, now what?  As you can imagine this is the first question everybody asks in the beginning, this often leads to the overwhelming realization that you now have a world wide audience that needs to be receptive and willing to agree to that plan.  We as a people have varied wants and needs. This creates a gallery to receive your message.  Don’t sell yourself short.  The many hours and late nights spent on creating your new mission, your new future, will not go unrewarded.

 When you think of the greatest marketing campaign you have ever seen, what are some the names that stick out the most?  Facebook, Apple, Toyota, Google, And so on… Staring that kind of marketing support down can be incredibly daunting at first, but every single one those companies started with an idea, just like you.  You have to be open to the audiences that you never even imagined would have access to you or your product, this means that you have to vary the way you put yourself out there at times.  Always stick to your ideas and be loyal to your mission but don’t allow that to make you blind to opportunities awaiting around the bend.

“Disney owns some of the most innovative companies in the world, Like ESPN, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Babble, the parenting blog.  Disney is the clear winner for driving the highest engagement on Instagram among other top brands.”

Obviously directly competing with Disney is madness, but you can take an important lesson from how they broaden their business beyond just what is right in front of you.  Be varied and open, be willing to try new avenues of social media that you’re unfamiliar with, post a video instead of just pictures or words, and above all keep learning.  always be hungry for more and keep an ever vigil eye on social media.

What is another GREAT thing that you have noticed in the upper echelons of marketing, or what is something that a small business did that really caught your attention?

Comment or ask questions below!


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